Community Guidelines

Last updated: May 11, 2021

atmap is a platform for events and community, and we want to make sure that everyone feels safe and welcomed while using the app. This guideline applies to anyone who uses atmap, while they are using the app or attending atmap events, experiences, or activities. It also includes interactions you may have with atmap employees through online support systems or over the phone.

These guidelines will explain some types of behaviour/circumstances that may cause you to lose access to the atmap app. This is not all-encompassing, and there may be other events, behaviours, or circumstances that can lead to you losing access to atmap, however, we will continue to update these guidelines and keep you informed when we do so. Please take the time to read our community guidelines, and thank you for making atmap a safe and welcoming environment!

Guidelines for everyone

Everyone who creates an atmap account is required to follow these guidelines, reflecting the following 3 standards:


We pride ourselves on having a wonderfully diverse community within atmap, and you will most likely encounter a range of different people who may not share the same beliefs as you. We always want to encourage positive interactions in this community, for every event or experience you attend.


We want to ensure everyone who attends an event, activity, or experience through atmap is safe, and part of this is creating a community that supports everyone within it. We expect all app users to follow these guidelines throughout their in-app experience and when attending atmap events.


We expect all atmap users to adhere to all applicable laws and regulations while using the app and hosting/attending events.


If you have any kind of experience, good or bad, we want to hear about it. We have made it as easy as possible for you to get in touch and let us know what you think. We are always improving our guidelines so we can take any necessary action and keep our standards relevant.

Treat Everyone With Respect

Everyone who uses atmap deserves to be treated with respect by other users. When attending or hosting an event or experience, consider your actions, as they can greatly affect how safe or comfortable those around you feel. We expect you to exercise good judgement and behave in a decent manner towards other atmap users via the app and when attending events, just as you would in other social settings.

For example, try to be on time when attending events, activities, or experiences; nobody likes to be left waiting. Exercise courtesy; depending on the event you are attending, your fellow activity-goers may not be comfortable with swearing or shouting. Where applicable, tidy up after yourself, whether that's taking your rubbish home, cleaning up a spill, leaving the event location how you found it, or anything else.

Importantly, you will likely meet people who look, think, or act differently to you, and it's important to respect these differences. Everyone deserves to feel welcome when using the atmap app and attending atmap events, activities, and experiences, so we have created standards on physical contact, sexual harassment, threatening or rude behaviour, unwanted contact, discrimination, and damage.

Physical Contact

Depending on the event, activity, or experience you are attending/hosting, it is not appropriate to touch strangers or people you have just met while using atmap. Hurting or meaning to hurt someone is never allowed.

Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment, assault, or misconduct of any kind is strictly prohibited. This refers to sexual contact or behaviour without the explicit consent of the other person. Talking to someone is ok, but certain conversations or comments are inappropriate; always respect other people's personal space and privacy.

Inappropriate conduct could include, but is not limited to:


Behaviour or comments that make others feel uncomfortable; winks, nudges, whistles. Don't flirt with or touch people you don't know.


Conversations that may seem harmless can be offensive to others; don't comment on or ask questions about appearance, perceived gender identity or sexual orientation. Personal questions unrelated to the activity, event, or experience you are attending or hosting should be avoided; do not discuss your own or others' sex life, use sexually explicit language, or make jokes about sex.

Sexual contact

Sexual contact is prohibited while attending or hosting a public atmap event, activity, or experience. This includes sexual activities or exposure of sexual body parts.

Sexual content

Sexual content is prohibited on public atmap event, activity, or experience listings, and we reserve the right to remove sexually explicit content from the app without notice.

Threatening behaviour

Behaviour that can be perceived as aggressive, confrontational, rude, or harassing is not allowed on the atmap platform or while attending or hosting an activity. This can include language and gestures that may be disrespectful or inappropriate. If you are concerned about being divisive or encouraging division, personal topics like religion or politics should be avoided.


Discriminating against someone based on traits like age, colour, disability, gender identity, marital or civil partnership status, pregnancy or parental status, national origin, religion or belief, race, political views, sex, sexual orientation, or other protected characteristics is strictly prohibited on the atmap platform as well as at atmap activities or events. It is unacceptable to refuse to provide services to someone, leave a negative review, or otherwise discriminate based on these protected characteristics.

Property Damage

Damaging property is never okay. This can include damaging the personal property or equipment of another attendee or host, public property, or anything else. If you damage property, we reserve the right to delete your atmap account without notice and/or alert relevant authorities.

Keeping each other safe

Every atmap user is responsible for creating and maintaining a safe environment for others. This includes adhering to the standards we have for account management.

Account sharing

Account sharing is never allowed; in order to use atmap, you must register and maintain your own account. You should not share your account or personal details with another person. For example, you should not let another person attend an event you sign up for in your place; they must create their own account if they wish to do so.

Age limits

You must be 18 years of age or older to register and maintain an atmap account. For some events, activities, or experiences that include restricted substances such as alcohol, you may be required to bring a form of photo identification in order to confirm your age.

Extra attendees

When you attend an event, it may be tempting to bring a friend or family member along. If this extra attendee has not registered an account, they will not be allowed to participate in the event, experience, or activity. Unregistered attendees are not permitted to attend atmap events.

Host/attendee information

In order to keep you safe and increase ease of use, we may share identifying information on your host or attendees with you, including but not limited to their name and profile picture. In order to maintain safety and avoid confusion, we ask that you keep your profile updated.

Event safety

Depending on the event, activity, or experience you host or attend, there may be safety concerns. When creating or signing up for an event, please consider the safety factors that you and others should be aware of and comply with all relevant laws and regulations.

Camera or recording equipment use

Depending on the activity, anyone attending or hosting a public atmap event may choose to record all or part of their experience to the extent permitted by applicable laws, including to document an issue they may wish to report to atmap or a relevant authority. Applicable laws or regulations may require an individual using recording equipment to notify or obtain consent of anyone being recorded; before recording photographic or video footage, please check applicable laws and regulations to see if they apply. Publicly broadcasting a person's image, audio, or video recording is not allowed and may violate applicable laws.

Prohibited activities

Illegal or illicit activities, events, or products may not be offered on atmap. If you are found to be offering illegal or illicit activities, events, or products, we reserve the right to delete your account without notice and report this to relevant authorities.

Our standards are based on applicable laws and regulations that everyone must follow. Manipulating the platform to commit or attempt to commit any crime is prohibited, and any atmap user found to be doing so may have their account deleted without notice and/or be reported to relevant authorities. Atmap users are responsible for knowing and obeying applicable laws and regulations at all times when using the atmap app or attending or hosting an event, experience, or activity.

atmap hosts must have all relevant permits or legal documents required for events. We will review reports of offences that may have been committed by a user or host on the atmap platform or at an atmap event, experience, or activity.

Restricted and prohibited substances

atmap hosts are expected to be sober for the duration of their public event, experience, or activity. If a user or attendee is found to be under the influence of restricted or prohibited substances may have their account deleted, and/or will be reported to the relevant authorities.


atmap attendees and hosts are prohibited from carrying firearms of any kind while attending an atmap event, activity, or experience, to the extent permitted by applicable law. This does not include lawful activities like clay pigeon shooting and similar. If an atmap user is found to be unlawfully carrying a firearm during an atmap event, activity, or experience, we reserve the right to delete their account and/or report them to relevant authorities.


After every event, hosts and attendees may be able to rate each other and/or give feedback on their experience. This feedback provides transparency for other atmap users and improves accountability. You can see your current rating on your account page, and this is visible to other users and hosts when they come into contact with you. This rating is based on a 'thumbs up/thumbs down' system.

In order to keep your rating positive, it is vital to be courteous and respectful to others, and follow these community guidelines. We reserve the right to delete an account based on repeat negative ratings or feedback, following an investigation and with notice.

When leaving feedback, we ask that all users remain respectful. You can read more about appropriate reviews in our terms and conditions document.

Guideline enforcement

We understand that losing access to atmap may disrupt your life or business. This is why it is important for us to have clear guidelines and standards for use that users can follow, and that explain the reasons why we may delete or restrict your account. If you violate our terms and conditions or these community guidelines, we reserve the right to delete your account without notice.

We receive feedback through the app as well as by email and phone. Reviews or reports submitted to our team that are perceived to violate our terms and conditions or community guidelines will be investigated. If we are made aware of potential violations on your part, we may get in touch to look into this. We reserve the right to restrict your account while an investigation is ongoing, with or without notice. If a serious offence is reported to us, or if you are repeatedly reported, or if you refuse to cooperate with an investigation or warnings, we reserve the right to terminate your account with or without notice. Any reports of illegal or prohibited activities (violence, sexual misconduct, discrimination, etc.) will result in an immediate loss of access to your account, and we will share data with relevant authorities or law enforcement to cooperate with any official investigations.